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Centor’s award-winning retractable insect screens, sun shades and blackout blinds have solved the problem of screening folding doors, hinged patio doors, sliding glass doors and more. Nordic supplied Centor screening systems can be elegantly paired with new or existing doors and windows to unobtrusively keep insects out, or provide sun protection and privacy.


Centor’s door and window screens retract into the system’s frame when not in use. Moving in a horizontal, retractable action, the screens can be drawn across the opening from any height on the stile. Not relying on awkward hand-brake mechanisms, the stile is elegantly load-balanced. When open, it remains in any position without snapping shut, allowing for easy transitions from inside to out.

S2 Insect Screen


The Centor S2 Insect Screen offers insect protection, fresh air, breezes and uninterrupted views for smaller openings. Like all Centor screening systems, there are no pleats or fixed panels to interrupt the view. The S2 Insect Screen can be paired with all new and existing doors and windows in a renovation or new build.

S4 System


Centor is proud to have been awarded a ‘Red Dot: Best of the Best 2019’ for the S4 Screen and Shade System. This accolade is the highest awarded by the judging panel of one of the world’s largest design competitions and is reserved for the best products in a category.

S4 Corner


Open more of your home to the outside with the Centor S4 Corner System. Designed with the same clean lines as our S4 System, homeowners will enjoy even more fresh air and views, with each side of the opening capable of spanning up to 4679mm wide. Operating with just a fingertip, Centor’s unique load balancing technology allows screens and blinds to glide smoothly across the whole door opening to effortlessly stop at any desired position. When not in use, the screen or blind retracts discreetly into the frame removing visual distractions to the view outside whilst also protecting it from damage, dust or dirt.

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