kastrup sliding doors

An elegant product at5 competitive prices

Nordic supply and install a broad and comprehensive range of sliding doors by Norwegian premium brand manufacturer. With an extremely broad range of finished, colour options and accessories we will have the perfect solution for your home or business.


Kastrup’s wooden / aluminium sliding doors and wood combine sleek design with easy operation. With many years of experience with both private homes and large projects, Nordic set the standard for sliding doors with innovative solutions.

Tree / alu nature


Our best selling sliding door series is wood / alu nature, which matches the corresponding window series. due to the slim frame, this sliding door series can also be combined with invi windows.

Wood / alu culture


Unique windows require a unique sliding door. with our wooden / aluminum culture sliding door series you match the culture window series.

Wooden nature


The modern sliding door in the nature series can be combined with the classic wooden windows in either pine, mahogany or oak.

Easy to open and close


You activate the sliding door via a grip. the frame easily slides on durable wheels on a rail along the door. the wheels are made of stainless steel that holds the weight of the frame.

Specific density


With our 3-point lock and an additional closure point in the middle of the wide frame, we comply with class 4 in airtightness and class e900 (900pa – option for 1200pa) in impact density, which is above the industry’s guidelines.

More light with slim frame


With an 86mm frame profile and a 65mm frame profile, we focus on the design and experience of large glass sections for a greater light.

High quality sustainable materials


No brown shields with mostly crunchy pine. extra resistant, powder coated aluminum. hardwood is environmentally certified.

Option for lockable cylinder


By default, you get a grip inside. you can also choose a grip exterior and combine it with a cylinder. the cylinder is placed 20cm below the handle.

Through design


On our wooden / aluminum nature and culture sliding doors, the glass moldings flush with the frame and give a light and elegant look.

Bottom steps for sliding doors

24mm pine bottom steps with aluminum cover are standard for all sliding door types.

24mm bottom step in mahogany or oak is an option for all sliding door types.

A 44mm pine bottom step with aluminum cover can also be selected. this is also available in mahogany or oak.

All sliding doors can be delivered with a 42mm bottom step with support. it provides extra mold stability and a more secure and fast assembly. this is also available in mahogany or oak.



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