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Kastrup Windows offer a wide range using many different materials and design options. Depending on your project, you can choose windows in modern, classic or minimalist style. Kastrup Windows are the only window supplier in Denmark that produces windows in all materials at its own factories in West Jutland. Options in Wood / aluminium combine the warm feeling of wood inside and durability of resilient aluminium on the outside.


This combination makes wood / aluminium windows the most popular windows in Denmark. The INVI series is a wooden / aluminium system, made for the modern house, providing more light combined with minimalist design. The weatherproof and maintenance-free plastic is ideal for cottages and homes in coastal areas. Wooden windows require maintenance in the form of paint or oil and are perfect for window replacements in older and classic properties.

Tree/ Alu Nature


The modern, classic wood / aluminum window

Wood / Alu Nature


Unique windows for creative and design-oriented individualists

Wood / Alu Standard


The superb choice for the inward window



Ultra-slim design with sharp lines for modern architecture

Invi Glass Front


The most exclusive window experience

Spring Tree Nature


A functionalistic wooden window with an exclusive finish

Hardwood Nature


Environmentally certified hardwood combined with good energy savings

Plastic Nature


Maintenance-free slim Danish design with excellent technical properties

Plastic Standard +


Functional maintenance-free inward-facing windows

Plastic Geneo


The inward window system with the best energy values ​​in plastic



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